quick and effective solutions

For individual applications in the field of regulated drives - low, medium and DC voltage

Simple integration into the system

Inverters, motors and control systems work in perfect harmony with each other and you can integrate them into an existing automation system

Design, setting and control

of SINAMICS inverters is much easier and more efficient thanks to clever software tools


Smart solutions for drives

The predecessor of the SINAMICS drives was the SIMODRIVE 611, and it is highly likely that the SIMODRIVE 611 drive will be found in technologies older than five years. For this reason, the advantages of one system are compatible with the advantages of the other, and therefore we will continue to focus on the more modern SINAMICS system. SINAMICS converters can easily and effectively solve any individual application in the field of regulated drives, whether it is low, medium or direct voltage.

Inverters, motors and control systems work in perfect harmony with each other and you can easily integrate them into an existing automation system. SINAMICS systems build the ideal foundation for your journey to digitized production. They offer a variety of tools for effective design throughout the entire product development and production process. And in addition, thanks to the integrated safety technology, it will save you additional space in the switchboard. Universality – that's tailor-made performance and functionality. The comprehensive portfolio of SINAMICS converters includes low and medium voltage converters as well as DC converters and thus offers the possibility of an individualized and modern solution for all your applications. Digitization - a solution to achieve higher productivity and sustainability. Drive components containing digital solutions are an important step towards data analysis. They take advantage of digitization, which brings new opportunities. They increase availability, productivity and efficiency, facilitate maintenance. 

Thanks to the analysis of operating data, they provide valuable information about the state of the drive system, which we then use to optimize production and increase availability. Designing, setting and controlling SINAMICS inverters is much easier, more efficient and more pleasant for users thanks to clever software tools (SIZER). You can thus make maximum use of the potential of SINAMICS frequency converters. SINAMICS frequency converters contain built-in safety functions ensuring maximum safety for operators and maintenance workers. The result is a shorter reaction time, higher cost efficiency and lower cabling costs. All components of the drive system, from SINAMICS converters to SIMOTICS motors to SIMOGEAR gearboxes and clutches, are perfectly coordinated with each other. They can be optimally connected to SIMATIC, SINUMERIK or SIMOTION control systems. Fast and secure communication is ensured by the PROFINET network.

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