Synchronized PROFINET interface

Allows you to control and control any KUKA, FANUC or ABB robot by controlling SIMATIC, SINUMERIK CNC control systems

Precise movements by an industrial robot

Using all control and drive functions - the robot path translator uses a dynamic model of the robot for this

Safe operation of robots

It is made possible by the robot's path and safety algorithms and in conjunction with the control of the SIMATIC / SINUMERIK CNC control


Control of robots from one control center
Any robot can be controlled and controlled via the synchronized PROFINET interface KUKA, FANUC, ABB through control of SIMATIC, SINUMERIK CNC control systems. The control system takes over the tasks of planning the robot's path and offers the machine/technology operator all known options for robot operation (e.g. via SINUMERIK control functions – G-Code programming and cycle programs).

On the robot control side, all control and drive functions continue to be used, which move the industrial robot along its programmed path as precisely as possible. The robot path translator uses a dynamic model of the robot for this, which enables the best possible movement of the robot in its current pose. Robot path and safety algorithms enable safe operation of robots even in connection with SIMATIC / SINUMERIK CNC control.

Advantages of controlling robots from SIMATIC/SINUMERIK CNC control system devices:


  • Connecting the robot to existing CAM systems
  • Improved robot behavior on the track
  • Robot control with CNC knowledge
  • Optimal standardized solution, e.g.: VW standart ap.
  • Simple integration of the device into the machine network with programs -ISO, STEP7...
  • The system prerequisites for connecting the robot and the control system are given by the PROFINET interface
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